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The status of “Featured Talent” is bestowed upon Bright Light Café contributors who, over time, have built a significant portfolio of creative work that is of consistently high quality and excellence. This status is awarded at the discretion of the site owners.

These members of the Bright Light creative family have achieved the position of Featured Talent:

Dan Akinlolu (South Africa)

Ravi Bedi (India)

Wilfredo Ropelos Bongcaron (Philippines)

Rachelle Arlin Credo (Philippines)

Paul Curtis (UK)

Shanu Goyal (India)

Oritsegbemi Jakpa (UK)

Norma Jean Kawak (Australia)

Ray Malus (USA)

Denise Marshall (USA)

Theresa C. Newbill (USA)

Mark O’Hara (UK)

Carl Palmer (USA)

Stephen Pray (USA)

Jason Sturner (Ireland)

Shelly Wiseberg (Canada)

Geoff Weilert (USA)

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