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Posted in , on 17-7-15

I do not want a woman now who I will love forever, yet possess without endeavor. I do not want gifts, the many hungers that I yearned that will come to me unearned. I want the pleasure of a...

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Posted in on 26-12-14

I sing a poem of love inspired by your cello voice that leaves my insides tingly and find myself fluted by Ionic columns, to temples of elation.   Love Poem of…  Edward Ille...

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Soul Love

Posted in on 14-10-14

I thought about the world its time and its space guiding lovers aloft with a most subtle trace. You touched my hand I revealed my heart the sand still the same for souls that never part. I...

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On a Cold and Rainy Night

Posted in on 13-10-14

Above the wind’s howl my heartbeat quivers; still alive, still in love. In between drops of rain hitting my window pane my love searches for you in it’s empty spaces. Upon a...

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Lovely Discoveries

Posted in on 12-8-14

I found the direction to your heart along the road to your soul both brimming with tender sweet love. I’m held close with wanting limbs of such gentle strength. Your fingertips...

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Perfect Life

Posted in on 12-8-14

In my perfect life I grow vegetables and lots of herbs right outside through the kitchen screen door, opening to my garden. With shears in my hand I’m cutting basil and parsley for an...

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The Rose

Posted in on 1-8-14

And as I looked, apricot, salmon petals gently curving, round one another, enfolding. I saw a man and woman seated bare. Wrapped in each others’ arms. Their backs smooth. Petal tips,...

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