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I Believe

Posted by in on 17-6-15

I am waiting for a crack

in the shell of the sky,

announcing the birth of a new world;

free from sorrow, pain and prejudice

where man and beast

walk side by side

like when dawns were young.

I believe in a world

where children are children

singing and dancing in the rain

freeing the body of all limitations

and not a fear to the mothers hearts

I dream of a world

where law is devoid of less

where the haves and have nots share same law

where no one is judged by race, class or color

where humanity is a joint robe for all.

I pray for a world,

where we only smile for joy

not as a mask for hurts, betrayal or disappointments

where our ugly hearts are not cloaked

with flowing robes or colourful attire

A world

where friends justify the meaning of friendship

And family reigns above all

Still, I believe.


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About the Contributor:

Olufunke Kolapo lives in the South Western part of Nigeria. She is a teacher turned writer and a student of English at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. Her poems and other writings have been published in several online Publications including UK Poetry Library, The Writers' Cafe, etc. She blogs at

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