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The Bright Light Café is an innovative and exciting form of entertainment and promotion. Writers, artists, photographers, and other creative talents are invited to submit their most uplifting and entertaining material for potential showcasing on the Bright Light Café pages.

The Bright Light Café showcases good, original presentations from new and established talents – giving everyone who fits our guidelines the chance to promote their talent on-line, in an appealing, professional and safe environment.

Always look for the bright light …

The major criteria for submissions to the Bright Light Café, is a positive perspective. All submissions must be ultimately heart-warming. Our focus of entertainment is on the uplifting and empowering. We want people to feel good, and happily entertained, every time they visit us.

Guidelines are in place for each form of creative submission. Please give yourself a chance to be showcased, by reading and following all guidelines, and by reading some of the already successfully showcased talent.

Creating multimedia events …

If your submission is accepted and showcased, it becomes an opportunity for the creative community to match their skills and talents with yours. A voice artist may wish to narrate your creation, or an artist may be inspired, or a composer/musician may have the perfect piece of music to match your words … the possibilities are endless.

Inspiring others to add their talent to your showcased work/s means an ever-increasing multi-media event … pinpointing your showcased work! We anticipate that this flow of original creativity to your page, will excite more visitors to experience your original successful submission … not just once, but many times.

Eventually, we envision every page throughout the Bright Light Café being a multimedia event. We foresee our creators and performers being inspired by each other, happily competitive, and matching their skills and talents with one another.

We envision our audience growing daily, and returning regularly, driven by an affectionate curiosity about the growing multimedia experience surrounding their favourite talents.

It’s so easy to see …

We hope, eventually, each page will be a multimedia experience for our audience, where they can, for example, read a short story while listening to a choice of several voice artists/actors narrating that same story … and viewing the original art inspired by that story or watching one of the animations accompanying the same story … there could even be fire twirlers in a short video, because their act reflects a “something” in the story.

If you are an artist, your fellow creators may contribute stories, poems, music and more, to complement your art.

We want our audience to become fond of each talent at the Bright Light Café, providing them with positive feedback, and creating an established sales market for future commercial releases of the creator’s work.

If your work is chosen to be showcased at the Bright Light Café, it will also be considered for future commercial releases through publishing company, Bright Light Multimedia.

Good luck!

Click here to read our Submission Agreement and Guidelines.

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