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Submission Agreement & Guidelines

By submitting any and all material to the Bright Light Café, you are consenting and agreeing to the terms, conditions and guidelines outlined in the following document.

  • All submissions must be entertaining and uplifting.
    This does not mean sugar-coated and unrealistic.  It does mean putting a positive and empowering perspective within your creation.
  • All submissions must be free from hate, racism, sexism, violence, pornography, crudity, pessimism, cynicism, religion and politics.
  • Submissions can only be made through the online submission form found on this website.
  • All submissions must be in the English language. Please ensure you have thoroughly checked your written submissions for correct spelling and grammar because, if the submission is accepted for publication, it will be published ‘as is’.  Bright Light Café does also reserve the right to correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, adjust layout and generally edit where necessary to adhere to the Bright Light Café criteria and standards.

We are seeking submissions for possible showcasing at the Bright Light Café in these areas:

  • Short Stories
  • Poetry
  • Articles
  • Anecdotes
  • Audio Scripts
    • A short description of the characters and a three-line synopsis of the play is an advantage.
    • Clean humour is an advantage.
    • Swearing is a disadvantage.
  • Artwork/Photos/Graphics
    • Art/photos/graphics must all make a positive emotional impact.
    • Use the submission form on the website to attach and upload your image.
    • Please submit in .jpg  format.

Please be sure to retain an original copy of your work as we do not return submissions. Bright Light Cafe and its entities assume no responsibility for the receipt, return, acknowledgement or publication of submissions.

We recommend you Like our Bright Light Café Facebook page to stay up to date with news and notifications of submissions that have been accepted for inclusion on the site.

All submissions must be the original and unpublished work of the person making the submission. There must be no legal reason why you cannot submit your creation to The Bright Light Café.  Full financial and legal responsibility for copyright violation rests entirely with the submitting creator.

If your submission is successfully showcased, it will be considered for inclusion in future commercial publications through our publishing company, Bright Light Multimedia.  If your submission is chosen for commercial release, you will receive a contract welcoming you into the Bright Light family of talent.

Copyright remains with the author/artist/creator. In submitting material to the Bright Light Café, you grant the Bright Light Café a non-exclusive, perpetual license for the print, audio and electronic rights, both international and domestic, for any submissions that are accepted for publication on this website.

Accepted submissions may be archived for continued access by our site visitors.

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