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Please read these instructions to ensure you use the submission form correctly:

  • Enter one creative work per submission form.
  • Fields with an asterix (*) must have data entered in that field.
  • In the Title box, highlight the text Title* and delete it, then type the title of the piece you are submitting.
  • In the Content box, highlight the text Content* and delete it, then paste the entire text of the piece you are submitting. Be sure the spelling, punctuation and layout of your piece is as you wish (eg: correct line and paragraph breaks) as the piece will be displayed as you submitted it, if it is accepted for showcasing.
  • If you have a a .jpg image (picture or graphic or artwork) that compliments the text you are submitting and you would like to have included with your piece you must add it to the Image box. To do this, click the button labeled Choose …  located to the right of the Image box, navigate through your computer to locate the image you wish to submit and double click on it to place the file name into the Image box.  Please note this Image field is only to be used to upload images – it is not for adding a text file of your submission. The text of your submission must be copied (from your word processing program) and pasted into the Content box located above the Image box.
  • Add any tag words you feel may suit your piece in the Tag box (eg: if your poem is about cats, then you might like to add the tag Cats). Multiple tags must be separated by commas.
  • The content at the Bright Light Cafe website is segmented into 12 different categories. Please click the drop arrow next to the Category box and select which category your piece suits the most. This is a required field and defaults to the first category “Anecdotes”. If you don’t make your own choice at this point, your piece may end up in the Anecdotes section of the site.
  • Our readers like to know a little bit about our Bright Light creative family, so be sure to enter some information about yourself (maximum 300 words) in the About the Contributor section of the form.  This must be done for each submission, so you either copy and paste the same generic text each time, or you may choose to add different things about yourself.
  • Depending on what you are submitting, please enter the number of words for your story or anecdote or article in their respective boxes or enter the number of lines in your poem.


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