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The Deck

Posted by in on 28-12-15

I sit on my deck: the place I so love to be; while I survey the yard around me.
Some grass, some weeds, a butterfly bush here, and some tall grasses there; all blended in with nature.
I watch the early autumn; late afternoon sun cast a shadow across my neighbor’s yard.
Oh, did I tell you, they have two new twins. A seismic change has come to the old neighborhood.
We are all old folk here. Our children have children; now as we look over the cliff of old age.
Seven years have passed since I first walk out on this deck.
My first thoughts were, “Wow this is so cool.”
Many days and nights I have shared with this wood and nails.
Oh, we’ve jostled this old deck of mine with, paint and brushes to keep you new.
Yet you still love my footsteps on you; and you tolerate the creak of my chair.
You’re my friend, old deck, and my closest confident; as I’ve told you many stories, and shed some tears on you.
Let’s us always stay close as we share the seasons, and look forward to the redemption of spring.










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